In my two and a half months in New York as a digital nomad the time difference with Europe forced me to get up very early to keep in touch, but it also allowed me to have free lunch and dinner hours to try many foods, this post is the result of all my visits.

All the places I mention here are affordable and can be enjoyed for less than $40, usually quite a bit less.

Where to eat in New York, ordered by neighborhood

All neighborhoods

  • Whole Foods Market [All around NY] All whole foods have a part with prepared food and some tables to eat it, the food is good and at a fair price so it can always be a quick option considering there are many all over New York. The one in Bryant Park is especially nice with beautiful views over the park while you eat. NYC Whole Foods Market

  • Shake Shack [All around NY] “The” New York’s burger, I’m not their biggest fan, but it’s the typical NY burger and a lot of people love it. NYC Shake Shack


  • Magnolia Bakery [All around manhattan] Ask for a Banana Pudding! Magnolia bakery banana pudding

  • Levain [All around manhattan] Cookies Levain

  • Cuchifritos [Spanish Harlem] Lots of variety of Puerto Rican and Dominican fried foods, be careful if you are on a diet! Cuchifritos

  • Gray’s Papaya [Upper west side] Hot dogs with fruit drinks, specially papaya, you won’t believe how good idea is until you try it. Gray's Papaya

  • Sal & Carmine Pizza [Upper west side] I tried a LOT of pizzas in New York, this was the one I liked the most by far and also at a fair price. Sal & Carmine Pizza

  • Tim Ho Wan [Hell’s Kitchen] Dim sum specialists, very good food and good prices. Tim Ho Wan

  • 2 Bros Pizza [All around midtown] It’s not the best pizza in New York, but it’s one of the best options if you need a quick bite to eat while you’re going somewhere, it’s VERY cheap and really not bad at all. The best thing is that there are many in Manhattan. Oh and don’t forget to order a garlic bread, some days they are richer than others, good luck! 2 Bros Pizza

  • Sarge’s deli [Midtown south] One of the best pastrami sandwiches in NYC and the waitresses are especially nice, I had dinner here my first night in town and left with a very good feeling, I especially remember an elderly couple who ordered just the same as I had ordered. NYC Sarge's deli

  • Ichiran [Midtown south] Classic tonkotsu ramen shop. NYC Ichiran Ramen

  • Food gallery 32 [Midtown south] Several food stores with korean dishes at affordable prices. NYC Food gallery 32

  • New York Pizza Suprema [Midtown south] Good pizza, varied and good service, plus there are tables to sit at. New York Pizza Suprema

  • Chelsea market [Midtown south] Several restaurants to try, I recommended Dickson’s Farmstand Meals. NYC Dickson's Farmstand Meals

  • Bleecker Street Pizza [Greenwich village] Just very good pizza and good service. NYC Bleecker Street Pizza

  • Mott Street Eatery [Chinatown] Cheap authentic chinese food from several restaurants. NYC Mott Street Eatery

  • Clinton St. Baking Co [Lower East Side] The brunch gods! Order eggs benedict, mexican coke and banana pancakes, if you go alone preferably on different days if you don’t want to explode. I am a big fan of brunch and this is one of the best places for brunch. NYC Clinton St. Baking Co

  • Kam Hing Coffee Shop [Lower Manhattan] Amazing and cheap spongie cakes, try all the flavors! NYC Kam Hing Coffee Shop


  • Martha’s Country Bakery [Williamsburg] The best pies I’ve seen in New York City. NYC Martha’s Country Bakery

  • Kai Feng Du Dumplings [Sunset Park] Very affordable dumplings and a popular place within the Asian community. NYC Kai Feng Du Dumplings

  • King Souvlaki [Astoria] Greek souvlakis truck. NYC King Souvlaki

  • Comfortland [Astoria] Sandwiches and sweets, the most ramshackle place you can imagine, you can’t sit inside, everything is like in ruins and there are only a few tiny places outside to sit, you have to ask the guy at the window and wait, but when they give you your food you forget everything, it’s very good, I recommend you to order the chicken sandwich. NYC Comfortland

  • Tashkent Supermarket Buffet [Brighton Beach] An amazing, very large and well priced buffet of halal food. NYC Tashkent Supermarket Buffet

  • Berikoni Georgian Bakery [Brighton Beach] Ask for Khachapuri, it’s a delicious cheese filled bread. NYC Berikoni Georgian Bakery


  • Amdomomo Truck [Jackson Heights] Delicious tibetan beef momos! NYC Amdomomo truck

  • White Bear [Flushing] This is probably my favorite of the whole list, a tiny restaurant with no place to sit, just a window to order food, but great food with amazing taste and cheap too. NYC White Bear

  • New Flushing Bakery [Flushing] Egg tarts, both Hong Kong style and Portuguese style. It’s a bit far from Manhattan, but this neighborhood is well worth the subway ride. NYC New Flushing Bakery


  • Madonia Bakery [Arthur Ave] They have amazing cookies and the best cannoli I’ve ever had which they will also fill in front of you. Oh and the nicest service of my entire stay in New York. NYC Madonia Bakery

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