Updated Aug 2021

With this post I want to start a series of posts about Laravel, the PHP framework that I use for all my projects and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with. If you are curious one of them is a personal project: Acuestas International/Acuestas Spanish.

Laravel has quickly become one of the greatest PHP frameworks, or at least one of the most famous according to google trends.

Google Trends Laravel

The main advantage of Laravel over other frameworks (that I personally can confirm) is over all the productivity, is amazing how easily you obtain results with Laravel, is a matter of minutes to setup everything and start writing your model, and after this it even becomes better, when you already have written the model, writing the controllers/views is faster than anything I had seen in PHP.

Books updated for Laravel 8 (Sept 2020)

Books updated for Laravel 5.8 (Feb 2019)

Books about Laravel 4

Thanks to its reputation, there are already many books with Laravel 4 as it’s main theme, most of theme self-published through leanpub.com by Laravel’s community members.



There are also some PacktPub’s Laravel books, but I can’t recommend Packtpub’s books.

Blogs, newsletter, videos…

Besides books there are more sources of Laravel’s wisdom, one of my favourites is Laracasts, created by Jeffrey Way where he uploads Laravel’s videos almost daily. It’s not free, but just 9$/month.

More sources about laravel