I cannot live a week without listening to several podcasts, it’s a good way to keep yourself up to date while doing a task that doesn’t allow you to read or watch videos, like driving or cleaning.

This is a list of podcasts I know that are more or less related to the topic of web programming

Shoptalk Show
This by far the podcast I enjoy most, it’s focused primarily on frontend, is presented by Chris Coyier (the creator of CSS Tricks) and Dave Rupert. It’s very entertaining, I especially like the programs they call “Rapidfire” they devote to questions and answers.
Laravel.io Podcast
Laravel is the PHP framework I use lately and is awesome to be able to enjoy a regular podcast where the author of the framework you are using will talk about PHP, architecture and general Laravel future. Normally we can hear Shawn Mc Cool, Taylor Otwell (the Laravel creator) and Jeffrey Way.
PHP Town Hall
A Podcast totally focused on PHP, very good to keep up to date with PHP related news, and this is by far the podcast with the best intro 😀
The Web Ahead
This is an interviews podcast presented by Jen Simmons, although it varies with each program, is not much technical.
Lately in PHP Podcast
Another podcast totally focused on PHP, also very good to up to date of what’s new in PHP.
WordPress Resource: Your Website Engineer
This is my favorite podcast on WordPress, it’s about 20 minutes each episode with helpful tips on WordPress (almost nothing very technical).
The Big Web Show
More frontend, interviews, news…
The Back to Front Show
Even more frontend, I still haven’t heard to this one, to get an idea you can have a look at the descriptions of the old episodes: http://backtofrontshow.com/archive .
JavaScript Jabber
Interviews, technical discussions (rather technical podcast) and a lot of javascript.
Three Devs and a Maybe
Podcast on web programming in general, many interviews (very good interviews).
I still have to get the point of this but I think it’s something like “business programming” 🙂

Do you know more Web Development related podcasts? Add a comment and I’ll be happy to add it to the list!