Glasgow is the biggest scottish city but not the most touristic, that’s for Edinburgh and the most industrial prize for Glasgow.

Musical city

Besides of this, after having been one month between Glasgow and Edinburgh I must say my favourite was Glasgow, mostly because the people and the music, yes, the music you can feel anywhere in Glasgow. Lots of people playing on the streets, many musical pubs with live performings everyday…

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Working remotely in glasgow

Glasgow is a perfect city for digital nomads, as the rest of UK we have several WiFi zones all around the city and the 4g coverage is very good.

Coffees with internet

There are a lot of coffees with WiFi where you can work with a decent speed, I use Skype frequently in my work and I have had’nt any problems; and is not only that, is very common to find free plugs. The only downside is that we must be very careful because most of them close very early, like 6 or 7pm.

Some chains like iCafe or caffè Nero have several locals around Glasgow and all of them are perfect for some hours of remote work.

SIM card for mobile phone in UK

Besides of WiFi zones, coffees with internet and your hotel/house WiFi, I like to have an additional internet layer to be sure I’ll have internet connection.

I bought two SIM cards to use in Scotland, one for my mobile phone and another one to use with my “mifi”. The best option was the Three SIM cards.

I chose 1Gb SIM card for 10 pounds, and top it up with 10 additional gb for 25 pounds, having a total of 11gb for 35 pounds. If your credit card is not british you will need to buy all personally on a physical Three store, because online shop is only for british credit card owners.