Right now I’m in Barcelona and I want to go to Canada, but I want to stay in some countries in the middle and I want to do it with cheap flights (max around $200) and also staying in cities with low airbnb rates (no London $200/day airbnbs please!). Oh and I only want direct flights!

The biggest problem will be the Atlantic crossing so I will begin with this flight, which is the cheapest flight from Europe to North/Center America?

European cities with cheapest direct flights to America

Airbnb Price: 1st and 2nd Cheapest airbnb entire place 1 month (Apr 2023) for 2 people

From To Price Airbnb
Paris Montreal from $125 Paris: $687/$829
Amsterdam Calgary from $140 Amsterdam: $2,125/$2,731
Barcelona Boston from $149 Barcelona: $1,099/$1,221
Barcelona New York from $149 Barcelona: $1,099/$1,221
Berlin New York from $151  Berlin: $1,388/$1,417
Berlin Fort Lauderdale from $170 Berlin: $1,388/$1,417
Porto Toronto from $176 Porto: $781/$918
Berlin Los Angeles from $185 Berlin: $1,388/$1,417
London New York from $200 London: $2,507/$2,608
Brussels Punta Cana from $203 Brussels: $900/$1,001
London Toronto from $211 London: $2,507/$2,608
London Montreal from $219 London: $2,507/$2,608
Manchester Toronto from $222 Manchester: $1,130/$1,164
Glasgow Toronto from $224 Glasgow: $907/$1,225
Paris New York from $226 Paris: $687/$829
Barcelona Montreal from $229 Barcelona: $1,099/$1,221
Milan New York from $239 Milan: $987/$1006

Now using this data I will choose the ones that fit best for us and I will simulate several trips with real dates and prices.

  1. From Barcelona to Canada through USA and Mexico

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